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SHIB Comic Book

Travel through the galaxy with the Shibarian Chronicles. 

The Shibarian World War has Erupted on Earth as the evil Shibarian war lord Brezos and his Trilliondor soldiers wreak havoc as they attempt to find the mythical Emeri-Staff. The Great Nublian Counsil has sent Shinwan and his Burnian soldiers to Earth to capture Brezos and return him to their home planet Nublia. Collect the NFT's and comics to find out the fate of Earth and Nublia as these two military groups battle it out across the Galaxy

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The Shibarian World War
Military Groups

Shinwan Shibarian Chronicles BGN.png

The Burnians


The saviors of all Shibarian's and Human's.

Mercenaries Coming Soon.png

The Humans


Earth's most skilled and dangerous warriors.

Brezos ShibChronicles BGR.png

The Trilliondors


The most ruthless and tyrannical Nublian military group. 

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